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AVIOMED was established in 2006 by Sanna Botha as a supplier of avian and pigeon health supplements and medicines. Aviomed is based on the principle of combining science and nature to develop the most complete and balanced range of pigeon products available.


This is ivermectin 0.3% in a form you apply as drops at the base of your pigeon’s neck. Absorbed through the skin, it is highly effective medication eliminates most external parasites as well as round worms, hair worms and lung worms. Also effective for nasal mites.

#1052F 15 ml $20.20


This product contains an insect growth regulator that prevents insect larvae from developing. It has been specifically formulated for use on pigeons and birds with a unique non irritant base that does not damage feathers. Spray directly on to pigeons and birds. May also be used in aviaries, lofts, perches and nests.

#1053 250 ml $15.80


A combination of ivermectin and praziquantel for the treatment of worms in pigeons. Also effective against parasites that live off the blood stream such as red mites. These tablets are mild on the pigeons’ system and will not cause excessive vomiting. Not recommended for use during the molt. Give just one tablet and repeat in 12 days.

#1054F 100 tabs $21.50


Use this combination of pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel mixed with water and applied to feed to fight round worms, hair worms and tape worms. Safe for use during the breeding season. Complete instructions included.

#1055F 100 gr $18.00


For prevention and treatment of trichomoniasis (canker), these Metranidazole tablets are coated for ease of administering. Best when given on an empty crop. One tablet for prevention and one each of two consecutive days for treatment.

#1056F 100 tabs $13.10



Ronidazole is the active drug in this product well respected as a cure for trichomoniasis (canker). A powder to be added to the drinking water.

#1057F 10% 100 gr $19.40

#1058F 25% 100 gr $38.55





Here is a unique product developed specifically to treat resistant strains of trichomoniasis (canker). Dimetridazole is extremely effective when administered at high doses. At these doses it is very toxic. Dimetryl contains an additive, Antitoxin which is a blend of natural substances that reduce the toxicity, supports the liver and stimulates the immune system. Directions for use in drinking water are included.

#1059F 50 gr (powder) $18.65


This is another option for treating trichomoniasis (canker). A combination of secnidazole and ronidazole, this product will stay in the bird’s system longer with minimal side affects. Do not race pigeons within 5 days of last treatment.

 #1060F 100 gr (powder) $25.15


A broad spectrum antimicrobial consisting of sulphadimethoxine (the drug in Albon) and Trimethoprim that is ideal for the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis.. At the high dose inclusion of Trimethoprim found in this product, it has been proven to be very effective against salmonella (paratyphoid) and ecoli. Aviocox is also highly suitable for the treatment of other bacteria, especially those found in the respiratory system as well as “Young Bird Disease”.

 #1061F 100 gr $21.10


A broad spectrum, safe powder for the treatment of salmonella, e-coli, coccidiosis and trichomoniasis. Contains a higher percentage of ronidazole (for canker) than other 4 in 1 powders.

 #1062F (100 gram pkg) $25.20

#1067F (100 tablets) $25.25




Doxycycline is currently by far the safest and most effective treatment for Ornithosis. Combined with vitamins, Aviodox, is added to the drinking water. It is recommended that this product be combined with broomhexine for the first four days of treatment.

 #1063F 100 gr $12.70


This extremely effective combination of antibiotics acts synergistically to be highly effective against salmonella (paratyphoid), e-coli and “Muscle And Wing Disease” It is a fantastic product for “Young Bird Disease”.

#1064F 100 gr $34.40


A well formulated oil made specifically for pigeons and other birds that ensures a shiny, healthy plumage when used regularly. Six different oils contain a high level of Omega 3. The combination of garlic and Omega 3 has excellent immune stimulant properties. The high levels of Vitamin E stimulate fertility.

 #1065 500 ml $14.50


This fantastic new product from AVIOMED combines the well known iodine tonics that act as metabolism stimulant with a well researched red cell stimulant. Regular use of Bludform will ensure optimal racing and breeding performance in pigeons. The unique combination of iron, iodine, Vitamin B12 and other selected elements stimulate the metabolism by activating the thyroid gland and optimizes red blood cell production by supplying all the needed elements. All the vitamins and minerals used in this formulation are of the highest quality and are supplied in chelated form to ensure maximum safety and bioavailability. Use 1 ml to 1 liter of water.

 #1066F 100 ml $18.20

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