A Brief Guide To Pigeon Pants

Practical, Stylish, Coo-coo-Cool…Pigeon Pants Are the Avian Fashion Trend of the Future

It’s always a shame to keep a bird cooped up indoors, but sadly, sometimes, it’s for their own safety.

The good news is that pigeons are easy to tame, adapt quickly, and almost always end up enjoying their life indoors, but that doesn’t mean that this transition is so easy for you, the pigeon parent.

Giving your pigeon shelter may be the right thing to do, but there are a few obstacles you’ll have to overcome if you wish to live in harmony with your feathered friend.

Source: Pigeonrescue

Firstly, pigeons are used to pooping wherever they want, and toilet training is a little beyond their understanding, so, unless you’re willing to sacrifice the hygiene of your household, you’ll need a solution.

Secondly, you may want to treat your pigeon to a trip out from time to time to improve their quality of life.

However, there’s no way of knowing if it’s going to dart off and leave you standing there like a lemon.

And just imagine the faces of passersby when you ask if they’ve seen your pigeon.

What you need is something that will…dare I say it…kill two birds with one stone (sorry). You need pigeon pants!

Just What The Heck Are Pigeon Pants?

Pigeon pants are, well…they’re pigeon pants. I don’t know what to tell you, folks. Pigeon pants are pigeon pants; they’re pants that you put on your pigeon.

I know that it sounds like the setup of some sort of terrible non-joke joke, but I swear, I’m not pulling your leg.

Perhaps it’s better to think of them as pigeon harnesses, as that’s essentially what they are and what they look like, but the alliterative “pigeon pants” has a pretty great ring to it, does it not?

Granted, pigeons are always much happier in their birthday suit, but pigeon pants are usually made out of a gentle cotton blend material, so they’re comfortable enough that they’ll get used to them in time.

Slip a pair of pigeon pants on your little housebound angel, and all your problems are solved.

Their poop is intercepted (you’ll need to change them every 2–4 hours), and there’s usually a little loop for you to attach a leash, giving you a little more control over Sir Flapsalot.

How Do You Put Pigeon Pants On A Pigeon?

Putting pants on a pigeon sounds like more trouble than it’s worth, and if we’re talking about a wild pigeon, that’s entirely true, but there are a few techniques you can use to smooth the process out with a domesticated bird.

  1. Hold your pigeon so their legs are tucked back and their wings are resting against their body. This should calm them down and prevent fidgeting.
  1. Thread their legs through the openings in the diaper section.
  1. Loop the harness over their head.
  1. Run the loose bits of harness under their wings and secure the pants with the velcro strap ends.
  1. Notice the small vent under the pants. This is where you’ll place your feces collection material.
  1. Clip your leash onto the harness, and voilà; you’re ready for an adventure!

Where Can You Purchase Your Pigeon Some Swanky Pants?

Despite sounding like the rantings of an utter loon, pigeon pants can be purchased from a number of outlets, but you’ll find the best deals on Amazon.

These QBLEEV patterned pigeon pants are particularly cute!!! Treat yourself and your plumed pal to a set of these stylish pants, and it’ll change your life.

I know I said earlier that pigeon pants are pigeon pants, and that’s that, but in reality, they’re so much more than just pants for pigeons, they’re a bridge that connects you and your pigeon, allowing human and bird to live in harmony under the same roof — magical!