Pigeon & Dove Friendly Rescues In The US

A subject which has limited sources available, and seems to be more of a ‘if you know, you know’ subject is the locations of pigeon and dove friendly rescue centers in the US.

So, here we are going to detail a selection of the rescues that we have found that are pigeon and dove friendly. 

An important aspect that we really want to stress is that the vast majority of these rescue centers are charitable organizations which are often underfunded.

So if you can, rescue centers for pigeons and doves would appreciate any donations that you can give.

Any donation is always really helpful to charitable organizations, and if this is something that you are particularly passionate about then you know that you will be helping a really great and worthwhile cause.

In fact, all of the centers that we list accept donations in-person and also online.

Wild Bird Fund – New York

This is a pigeon rescue center based in New York, and this gives pigeons vital medical care, and rehabilitation to give them the best care possible. This will in turn allow the pigeon to return to the wild.

Some of this treatment might include x-rays, first aid including wound care and also physical therapy.

This rescue center can also help the pigeon by giving them vital medication and also by using special diets to aid recovery.

This is a non-profit organization and it takes in pigeons and takes care of them so that they can heal and then return to their natural habitats.


565 Columbus Avenue

New York, NY 10024

between 87th and 88th Streets


Palomacy Pigeon And Dove Adoption – San Francisco

This center in particular is ranked as one of the best bird rescue centers in the whole of the United States of America.

In fact, this center does not just rescue pigeons and doves. It goes that step further and they work hard to find birds that are lost, or injured, or displaced and they give them homes if they cannot return to the wild. 

This center provides rehabilitation services, as well as foster homes and adoptions for pigeons and doves.


Palomacy P.O. Box 24585,

SF CA 94124

Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue – Chicago

So, this center is particularly proactive in its approach to rescuing birds. Their services actually include rescue, rehabilitation and restorative medical treatment. They also allow for adoption and fostering of birds too.

This center is pretty big as they can have more than 150 birds in the center and in their care at a time.

This center actually covers a wide range of states, and it works hard to fill the gap that is left by rescue facilities that receive state funding.

The problem with state-funded centers is that they cannot accept pigeons that are not native to the Great Lakes region; Great Lakes Pigeon Rescue combats this.


207 E Ohio St #364 Chicago,

IL 60611

Disclaimer: this is a mailing address only, so please do not bring birds to this address.

Fallen Feathers – Arizona

At Fallen Feathers, the rescue staff work hard to care for lost and injured pigeons. This rescue center works hard to make pigeons well enough to return to their natural habitat, the wild.

This center helps lost birds to find their way home and gives the public key information on how best to care for these birds.


9532 W Cielo Grande,

Peoria AZ 85383