Pigeon Kisses: All You Need To Know

You may have come across two pigeons touching beaks or kissing, whether that be urban pigeons in your local town or your two pet pigeons in their bird coop outside.

Lots of animals kiss, some of which mean different things, but there are certain reasons as to why pigeons kiss and we’ll be explaining it within this article. 

The process of pigeon’s kissing is also known as billing and it is often undertaken when a pigeon (normally a male) is trying to court the other. 

The make will initiate the courtship by bringing over a semi-digested piece of food (normally seed) and opening his beak to feed her.

If she accepts the food, then normally they’ll rub peaks together and mating will be followed shortly after.

When Will You See Pigeons Kissing?

You can see pigeons kissing all year round, but the process is normally more commonly carried out during mating season as the first step in the operation to mate with one another. 

Another way of initiating a courtship that male pigeons will undertake is bringing a stick to a female to show that they would like to mate and begin a family with them.

If this offering is accepted, then the male and female pigeon will begin to build the nest together to prepare for their eggs.

Both males and females will peck at each other’s bills at the same time, which looks as though to us humans as if they are having a long smooch.

However, it’s not uncommon for males to make the first move immediately after landing next to a female pigeon. 

The pigeons may also coo whilst they are kissing, and you may also find a male pigeon making specific cooing notice whilst he is trying to entice the female pigeon he is interested in. 

What Does It Mean When Pigeons Kiss?

Like most other birds, pigeons come with a lot of symbolization and deeper meanings to them which includes the process of them kissing. 

Pigeons on their own can symbolize fertility, good luck, fortune, and prosperity generally, but in different cultures, the pigeon has different symbolic meanings and connotations.

The pigeon is spiritually linked with many religious teachers and gods in various cultures. 

Pigeons can also be a symbol of harmony as they were one of the first types of birds to become domesticated by humans and you will come across many people who live in harmony with pigeons as their pets.

Two pigeons kissing can mean that love and good fortune with love will soon come your way

As pigeons mate for life, seeing them kiss in your dreams can mean that you are feeling anxious or uncertain about your current relationships and their longevity.

Two pigeons kissing in a dream also has the connotation that you live life the best you can and do whatever makes you the happiest, which can also be applied to your relationships, however, your relationships only last whilst you’re thriving in them and when you’re not, they tend to come to an end. 

They can symbolize that you value your freedom in a relationship but you don’t like to hurt people’s feelings, however, you would rather have freedom or independence than stay in a relationship you are not happy in.