5 Best Pigeon Traps That Are Effective & Safe

There won’t be many instances in your life where you find yourself wanting to catch a pigeon. However, the need may arise if you live in an area with lots of these birds.

Whether it's to help a pigeon who looks unwell or relocating a flock of birds you would rather roost elsewhere, capturing pigeons is no small task. 

A single pigeon, with an injured wing, isn’t hard to capture, but anything that can fly will present more of a challenge.

If you need to capture lots of pigeons, who are terrorizing your pets or spoiling your nice clean patio with droppings, your only solution is to try and trap them. 

Whether you like pigeons or consider them pests, it is always best to treat them humanely, if not for reasons of conscience then purely because they may be someone's pet.

Thankfully there are plenty of humane bird traps that can be used to safely capture pigeons without causing them any harm. 

Traps come in different sizes with some designed to catch single birds and others capable of holding a small flock.

Here we will be covering five of the best humane pigeon traps as well as offering some advice on how to choose the right trap for you. 


Pigeon Motel Humane Bird Trap

Although it is branded as a Pigeon Motel, this trap is very simple, but also very effective. Like most humane bird traps, this wire cage uses one-way doors to let the birds in so they can eat the bait, only to discover they cannot get back out. 

There are two doors on this trap, both of which only allow things in without letting them back out. An easy-access door is also included for releasing the pigeons in the trap. Despite the name, there are no accessories included to make the pigeons stay more comfortable, such as a watering bottle or food dish. 

The galvanized wire is sturdy but also very lightweight, making it suitably portable for taking your pigeons to a new location. With this 24” x 12” x 8” cage you can capture and transport up to 6 pigeons all at once. 


  • Galvanized wire cage - This trap is lightweight and very durable, capable of being left outside without rusting in the rain. 
  • Two one-way doors - The two doors will let birds and prevent them from escaping. Having multiple doors will help with catching larger numbers of birds. 
  • Easy Access Door - Makes it easy to let the pigeons back out of the cage without harming them. 


  • No features to make birds comfortable- This pigeon motel is a bare wire cage with no accessories to provide shade, food, or water for the captured birds



Many traps are designed to be placed on the ground on a patio or in a garden, but this isn’t where most flocks of pigeons can be found.

If you aren’t having any luck catching pigeons on the ground, you may want to try placing a trap on your roof. 

This humane, rooftop pigeon trap is great for pest removal and bird enthusiasts alike. The cage has four adjustable legs for placing on any sloped roof and 6 one-way doors for letting in pigeons.

Landing balconies are also included to give the pigeons a landing spot while they figure out how to access the bait and the trap has two easy-access doors on the top for releasing the birds. 

This trap comes with all the necessary amenities to keep the pigeons comfortable while they are trapped.

There is a roof to provide shade, as well as a feeder and watering bottle to ensure the birds aren’t suffering while they are confined. 

The floor tray is another great addition to prevent your roof from being covered in droppings immediately under the trap. 


  • 6 One-way doors - For trapping large numbers of pigeons in the 36” x 24” x10” cage. 
  • 4 Adjustable legs - This trap can be placed on any sloped roof by adjusting the length of the legs as necessary. 
  • Includes feeder and watering bottle - You can leave pigeons in the trap without them going hungry or suffering 
  • Removable floor tray - You can easily clean this trap by removing the floor and spraying it down.


  • Will need a ladder to install- Getting on your roof to set the trap up and remove the birds will require a stable ladder


Alemon 12“ Bird, Pigeon, Quail Humane Live Trap Hunting Bird Trap, with Trap Installation Instruction

This trap is commonly used for hunting birds, but it can also be used if you need to humanely trap a single pigeon.

If you see an injured bird that you want to help but are having trouble catching, this trap is a great option for snaring it so you can take it to a vet or other animal welfare organization. 

To prep this trap you will need to place suitable bait on the safety pin provided. After you’ve done this you can close the pin and the trap is primed.

As well as pigeons, this trap can catch other varieties of birds as long as they are small enough to fit in the 12-inch net. 

Since this is a spring trap, you won’t want to leave the bird inside it for very long, as it will likely panic causing damage to either itself or the trap.

Furthermore, leaving this trap unattended for a long time may attract predators trying to attack the snared bird within it. 


  • Small and portable - This trap is easy to transport and set up 
  • Suitable for other birds than pigeons - You can capture any bird in this trap provided it will fit within the net. 
  • Easy to bait - Simply skewer your bait with the safety pin and push it closed to prime the trap. 
  • Soft netting - Unlike other snare traps, this device won’t harm the bird when it closes, although it may cause it to panic. 


  • Can’t be left unattended - It is best to watch this trap carefully as leaving the bird inside for a long time will cause it to panic or possibly attract hungry predators. 
  • Only catches one bird - This trap can’t be used to capture multiple pigeons.


Model 502R - Tomahawk Double Door Rigid Pigeon Trap

Made from a durable steel alloy, this Tomahawk humane pigeon trap is sturdy and capable of holding up to 7 pigeons at once.

The cage has been built to last, which is why this trap is a little heavier than the other models we’ve seen on this list, weighing in at 7lbs. 

There are two doors at either end of the cage that only opens one way.

The dimensions of the cage are quite large, at 36” x 16” x 8”,  so the birds you catch won’t be overcrowded or uncomfortable while they wait to be released. 

With a larger cage, you can catch more birds, but this does have the disadvantage that the cage is much harder to store when it's not being used. 

The easy access door on the roof can be used to release the pigeons once you are ready to do so.

To help with relocating your trapped pigeons, the cage also has helpful handles on the top making it easier to carry. 


  • Two one-way doors - This trap has two large trap doors at either end for letting pigeons in.
  • Sturdy construction - The cage is made from a durable steel alloy to prevent predators from breaking into the trap. 
  • Can hold up to 7 pigeons - This trap is useful for capturing large flocks of birds. 
  • Handles on top - The handles on this cage make it easy to carry without putting your fingers at risk of getting pecked.


  • Large holes - The holes in this cage may let smaller birds in who will steal your bait. 
  • Doesn’t fold flat- You can’t flatten this trap for storing it away, meaning it will take up more space in your cupboard or garage.  


Bird B Gone - Pigeon Trap - Spacious 35'x16'x8' Cage for Up to 12 Birds - Shade, Water Container & Food Pan - 3 One-Way Doors - Durable & Lightweight (10 lbs) - Humane Bird Control

If you thought the tomahawk was heavy, this trap made by Bird B Gone weighs about 10lbs when set up.

The stainless steel cage makes up for its weight by being rust-proof and capable of holding 12 pigeons at once. 

This is another trap for people who want to capture a group of pigeons but definitely don’t want them to suffer in the process.

Included with the cage is a roof for providing shade, as well as a watering bottle and feeding trays to keep all the birds comfortable during their confinement. 

The three one-way doors have special guards to ensure that anything getting into the trap won’t be getting back out.

Some users have reported the cage having sharp edges capable of hurting the birds as they try to get in. 

If you are concerned about this you can solve this problem by taping over the protruding wires to reduce the risk of them cutting the bird. 


  • Includes roof, water bottle, and feeding tray - So you can leave the trap unattended without worrying about the pigeons suffering in the meantime.
  • 3 one way doors - The doors on this trap have special guards to ensure nothing that gets in will escape. 
  • Large capacity - This trap can hold up to 12 pigeons at once 
  • Rustproof- Made from stainless steel, this cage is highly durable and rust-resistant.


  • May hurt birds as they enter - Sharp edges on the cage may injure the birds unless taped over.

Best Pigeon Traps Buying Guide

Catching any bird isn’t easy, and pigeons can be very cautious about entering any enclosed space with a roof.

Picking the right trap will depend on how many birds you want to catch and how comfortable you want the pigeons to be while they are confined. These are some of the key things to consider when buying a humane pigeon trap.

5 Best Pigeon Traps That Are Effective & Safe

Bird Capacity

Needless to say the larger the trap, the more birds you are likely to catch. If you only need to capture a single lone pigeon then a 35-inch long cage may be overkill.

When capturing a large number of birds you will want a trap that has multiple doors for entering. If you are buying a cage trap you will want it to be sturdy enough so that nothing can escape or break in to eat the birds. 

Weight And Storage Size

You want your trap to be light enough that you can carry it without sacrificing durability. Some cages come in a single piece, while others are able to be folded flat when not in use.

Folding cages take up less space when stored away as they can easily be placed against a wall or slid behind a shelf. Solid traps are harder to store but will be more stable and less likely to collapse while the birds are inside. 

How Humane Is It? 

If you're buying a humane pigeon trap, you probably want to ensure that you can catch the birds without causing them any harm. Some cages come with water bottles, feeding trays, and roofs for providing shade.

These accessories are great for ensuring that the pigeons aren’t suffering while they are waiting to be released.

If you want, you can buy a regular cage and add many of these utilities yourself with common household objects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Set Up A Pigeon Trap

Once you have bought a pigeon trap, you may have some trouble getting the birds to go into the cage.

Pigeons are cautious about entering any enclosed space where they can’t immediately fly away at the first sign of danger. 

The best way to get birds to enter a trap is to bait the cage with the doors taped open.

This allows the pigeons to enter and leave the trap freely to access the food. Let the pigeon see you lay out the bait and repeat this process for a few days. 

Once you have gained the pigeon’s trust, you can close the doors and the pigeon should be willing to push through them to get at the bait.

Getting pigeons to trust a trap can take a long time so don’t be surprised if you need to bait the un-primed trap for a few days before you’ll be able to capture any birds. 

How To Bait Pigeons

Capturing any animal will require the right bait. For attracting pigeons, regular birdseed should be more than enough to get them in the trap.

If seeds aren’t doing the trick, you should watch the pigeons and make a record of what they eat. If you see them gorging on fruit or specific types of nuts, then this should give you a clue as to what sort of bait will work. 

How To Release The Pigeons 

Most traps have easy access doors for letting the birds go, but this raises the question of where you should release them to ensure they don’t immediately return.

Pigeons are homing birds so it can be very difficult to move them far enough that they will not find their way back. 

You can either hand the birds over to an animal welfare organization, or simply relocate them long enough for you to install other bird deterrents around your house that will discourage them from coming back.