How Much Does A Racing Pigeon Cost?

Pigeon racing is perhaps one of the most bizarre and fascinating sports that the World has to offer.

Pitting homing pigeons against one another in a race to return home the fastest is an interesting and surprisingly exciting event.

It’s not surprising that the sport has gained massive worldwide attention, and even earned itself multiple major competitive scenes.

However, because of this immense popularity and widespread attention, the cost of entering the sport, and getting ahold of a well-trained pigeon is quite considerable.

In recent years, racing pigeons have sold for well in excess of $1,500,000! This is an insane price for birds that are usually seen by the general public to be a menace or a nuisance.

However, these high-cost racing pigeons are usually purebred, and come from well-trusted breeders, or are related in some way to previous race-winning pigeons!

Luckily, this means it is entirely possible to get your hands on your own racing pigeon! Some racing pigeons can be bought for as low as $100, and still provide impressive performance at the races.

After all, a large degree of the racing skill of pigeons comes from good training and discipline!

Why Do Racing Pigeons Cost So Much?

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of high-cost racing pigeons have been bred purposely from winning pigeons in order to create pigeons that are naturally gifted at homing.

The cost of this breeding is high due to the process involved in breeding the pigeons, as well as the desirability of said pigeons. 

If you pay less for a racing pigeon, at between $150 to $300, you may well get a trustworthy pigeon that can easily be trained to improve its performance, but it is unlikely that that pigeon will have descended from any prize-winning pigeons.

High-price pigeons may also already be multiple prize-winning birds that have already earned a reputation for themselves, making them worth a higher cost.

How Much Does An Average Pigeon Cost?

Believe it or not, many people also keep common pigeons around as pets. Despite their reputation as pests amongst urban populations, pigeons are very affectionate and loving animals.

Pigeons are also wonderfully sociable which makes them great to have around.

The cost of an average pigeon can vary depending on the breeder, as well as the age of the pigeon. Older pigeons for less renowned breeders are likely to sell for as low as $50 each.

For pigeons that are bred by high-class breeders, you can expect to pay a lot more, between $400 and $1,000.

This cost can increase further again for show pigeons, which are bred to have more beautiful feather coats and stronger physiology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pigeons Good Pets?

Pigeons can make very good pets, due to being calm birds that are incredibly easy to take care of. However, they can cost a fair amount to take care of, as they need ample space.

You will need to buy a suitably sized cage with enough space for the pigeon to feel comfortable.

You can also let the pigeon roam your home space, but you must make sure that your home is a suitable setting for a pigeon.

Do Pigeons Like To Be Held?

Domesticated pigeons, especially those kept as pets are surprisingly receptive to touch and enjoy being held by their owners, or otherwise being in close proximity to them.

Pigeons are very affectionate, which can make them worthy pets!–sl_Q8to