9 Pigeon Based Pokemon

The Pokemon world is huge and it is filled with many gorgeous creatures. A lot of these creatures have taken inspiration from animals and species that we see in our lives.

Altogether there are 898 different Pokemon and that isn’t counting the different forms of Pokemon as separate entries.

If we did then there would be thousands of different Pokemon. 

You might be surprised how many Pokemon have been inspired by pigeons. Their traits have helped create different characteristics of these different pigeon based pokemon, so they are all different.

Some are friendly, while others are territorial. This article will go through all the Pokemon that have been based off pigeons. 

How many do you already know?


Source: Pokemonpets

Pidove is also known as the ‘tiny pigeon pokemon’, which was introduced in Generation 5. With a Pokedex number of #519. Like a pigeon, Pidove is a normal/flying pokemon.

Pidove is a grey pigeon-like pokemon, with golden oval eyes. This pokemon has a short, black beak and a black patch at the nape of its neck.

On its chest, there is a wide, heart-shaped area of lighter grey feathers. Pidove has black wings, with a thick grey stripe down the sides. They have pink feet with black talons.

Pidove loves to follow people. Flocks of Pidove can often be found in plazas or city parks. However Pidove can be found in rural areas and grasslands.

Pidove isn’t the smartest pokemon, they are extremely forgetful.

For example, in the anime, Pidove has forgotten what scared them and in Detective Pikachu, they even forgot their own name.

However, Pidove is extremely friendly and lovable.

It’s abilities involve big pecks and super luck. They are inspired by pigeons and doves, and a Pidove evolves into a Tranquill.


Source: Pokemonpets

A Tranquill is the evolved form of a Pidove, starting at level 21. Introduced in Generation 5, with a Pokedex of #520. Pidove and Tranquill look very similar, however there are some slight differences.

Like a Pidove, a Tranquill is made up of light and dark grey colors. A Tranquill has golden eyes and a beak. There is a light pink marking above its beak that curves over its eyes.

It has light grey wings, but the ends of these wings are black, as if they have been dipped in black paint.

Their tail is similar to its wings. It is grey with a dipped black end. Tranquill has pink feet and black talons.

Tranquill are believed to be based on a turtle dove and a homing pigeon. A homing pigeon is a pigeon that has been bred to find its way home from very long distances.

Compared to Pidove, Tranquill has a much better memory.

Like a homing pigeon, Tranquill is always able to return to its trainer and nest, no matter how far away they have travelled to. 

It is said that Tranquill lives in deep forests. They like to live in places where it is peaceful and that there is no war.

However, Tranquill can be seen as delivery workers due to their good memory and their ability to always find their way home. A Tranquill can evolve into a Unfezant.


Source: Pokemonpets

Unfezant has evolved from Tranquill and Pidove. It was first introduced in Generation 5, with a pokedex of #521.

This is the final form of Pidove and there is a male and female version of a Unfezant. 

This pokemon looks like a blend of a pigeon and a pheasant. Both the male and female Unfezant are made up of light and grey colors on its chest and face.

A light grey heart shape patch is seen covering its face and throat.

Their wings are a light grey color, with a dark grey line seen going through the centre of their wings.

Their tail is made up of dark and light grey stripes, with the rim of their tail in a dark grey color. Like the Pidove and Tranquill, the Unfezant’s beak and eyes are a golden color. They have light grey legs. 

Compared to a female Unfezant, a male Unfezant has much more striking features alongside this.

The male Unfezant has a red/pink wattle around its eyes, with long almost ribbon-like growths from the wattle that extend over the male Unfezant’s head which reaches its wings.

The male Unfzant also has a green underside compared to the female that has a brown underside. Both have speckling towards the chest. 

The male Unfezant is much more aggressive than the female Unfezant. The male Unfzant will threaten its opponents, by swinging its head around.

While both the male and female Unfezant are excellent flyers, the male Unfezants are faster. Yet the female Unfezants are known for their amazing stamina, while flying.

Overall Unfezants are very proud pokemon, who are also very intelligent. Female Unfezants take longer to adjust to people, but both have extreme loyalty to their trainer.

They don’t want to feel close to anyone else, except their trainer. Making these very loyal pokemon.


Source: Pokemonpets

Starly is known as the ‘Starling Pokemon’. First introduced in Generation 4, with a pokedex of #396. A Starly is covered in light and dark grey colored feathers.

There is a white clover shaped marking on its face and a white circular dot on its chest. This dot is smaller on females, this is a reoccurring thing you will notice during the Starly’s evolution.

The rest of its head is black, and the lower half of their wings are black in color. While their body is a light grey color.

They have a long orange beak that is black at the very end.

Their tail is made up of three feathers, two black outside feathers and a white feather in the middle. Alongside this ,they have orange feet. 

Starly isn’t very impressive when it is alone. They are known for going unnoticed when they are alone. Its wings are quite powerful, but alone it doesn’t really make much of an impression.

Starly normally forms a big flock to protect itself and each other from any threats. You can find this type of pokemon in mountains and in fields, where you will see them hunting bug pokemon.

It is also said that their singing is quite loud and annoying. Starly looks very much like a pigeon and when ready, Starly will evolve into Staravia. 


Source: Pokemonpets

Staravia is the evolved form of Starly. This pokemon was first introduced in Generation 4, with a pokedex of #397.

Staravia’s head and body is made up of black feathers that also form an M shaped pattern on its chest. On its head there is a grey dot, this dot is smaller on female Staravias.

Their chests are white and their underside and wings are light grey in color. Their wings also have black colored feathered ends.

They have orange feet and a long orange beak which is black at the end. Finally their tail is made up of four feathers.

In the centre this is a wider white feather and the other three feathers are black. 

Like the Starly, Staravia likes to be in flocks. However each flock is very territorial, they will argue and fight over their territories.

Staravia don’t like being alone so if a Staravia finds that they are on their own, they will cry until they are reunited with their flock.

These pokemon live near fields and forests, where they can be seen hunting bug pokemon. Once a Staravia is ready, they will evolve into their final form of a Staraptor.


Source: Pokemonpets

Staraptor is the final form of Starly and Staravia. This flying pokemon was introduced in Generation 4 and has a pokedex of #398.

This pokemon looks more like a bird of prey with pigeon coloring.

The Staraptor has yellow feet and a beak which is black at the end.

It is made up of black and grey feathers. There is a white circle on a Staraptor’s forehead, which is smaller for females.

Larger white markings cover the front of their throat and chest. The white markings on their face and chest are separated by black feathers that go around the shoulders.

The most notable thing about a Staraptor is their red-tipped and black crest that extends on the front of their head. Finally, they have five black tipped tail feathers.

This pokemon has very large wings, which combined with their strong leg muscles allows them to fly while carrying a small pokemon in their talons easily.

When it is evolving, the Staraptor will leave its flock and live alone.

This is a much more aggressive pokemon compared to the timid Starly. This pokemon is known for challenging pokemon that are much bigger and deadlier than them.

Even when injured, the Staraptor won’t give up. 


Source: Pokemonpets

Pidgey was first introduced in Generation 1, with a pokedex of #016.

They are known as the ‘tiny bird pokemon’. Pidgey is a very small pokemon, with a brown body and a cream colored face, underside and feathers.

It’s tail is made up of just three brown colored feathers. As this is a small pokemon, Pidgey has short legs and beak. Its feet and beak are a light gray/pink color. 

Pidgey is a very common type of pokemon. It can normally be found in meadows and temperate forests.

This pokemon is a lover, not a fighter. It would rather run away from its enemies, than fight them.

When it needs to protect itself, Pidgey can create whirlwinds and dust clouds, by flapping their wings rapidly and throwing sand up into the air.

Like the Tranquill, Pidgey has an amazing sense of direction, as it can fly back to its nest, no matter where it has travelled to.

So it may not look as much like a pigeon, but it has qualities similar to the homing pigeon. Once Pidgey is ready, it will evolve into Pidgeotto.


Source: Pokemonpets

Pidgeotto, probably looks the least like a pigeon, however it has evolved from Pidgey so that is why it had to be included in this list.

First introduced in Generation 1 and with a pokedex of #017.

This pokemon, like Pidgey is covered, has a cream colored face, and underside, with a mixture of brown and cream colored feathers.

On its head, you can see a bunch of light pink feathers that fall onto its back. Their tail alternates between brown and cream colored feathers.

Pidgeotto has sharp talons to grasp its prey. Even though it’s called Pidgeotto, it does look more like a bird of prey. 

This is a very protective pokemon that likes to protect its territory.

You can normally find these pokemon in temperate forests. They are very powerful flyers that are seen circling their territory for food and to protect it from intruders.

It has sharp eyesight that is used when looking out for prey.

Pidgeotto is a much more aggressive pokemon, compared to the gentle and scared Pidgey. Pidgeotto will evolve into their final form Pidgeot.


Source: Pokemonpets

Pidgeot is the final form of Pidgey and Pidgeotto.

Pidgeot does have a mega evolution, which is a much larger and stronger Pidgeot that can fly for much longer without the need for any rest.

Pidgeot was first introduced in Generation 1 and its pokedex is #018.

This pokemon has very large wings, a short hooked beak and very sharp talons. Again Pidgeot has a cream colored underside and brown back. They have a light pink beak and feet.

Their tail is a light red/brown color. On their head is a crest of feathers that are as long as its body.

The outer feathers are the same red/brown color as its tail and with yellow feathers in the centre. 

Pidgeot is a powerful pokemon that can fly extremely fast.

This is due to their powerful wings that can also stir up windstorms in just a couple of wing flaps.

Its wings can be intimidating to its enemies. However, it is also seen as a beautiful pokemon, due to its glossy feather, for trainers to have.

Like Pidgey and Pidgeotto, you can find Pidgeot in temperate forests that have large trees. It has great eyesight to be able to see its prey from great heights. 

Other Bird Pokemon

There are over 105 different flying types of pokemon and a lot of them look similar to birds that we see in everyday life.

There are pokemon like Fletchling and Fletchinder that look very similar to robins. While Talonflame, the final form of Fletchling and Fletchinder, looks quite close to an eagle. 

Even some of the pigeon based pokemon mentioned above have similar traits to other birds that we see everyday.

There are pokemon that look like woodpeckers like Pikipek, or Murkrow that look like they have been inspired by a crow.

Also how can we forget about all the owl pokemon that look similar to the real ones. Especially Noctowl, that pretty much looks like an exact copy of an owl. 

Even like our own world, there are some bird pokemon that are better swimmers than flying. For example, Ducklett, which has been inspired heavily by ducks.

Or Swanna that evolves from Ducklett and becomes a better flyer. It is believed that this follows the story of the ugly duckling, as Ducklett, who cannot fly, eventually turns into  the powerful Swanna.

However it has to be said that Ducklett isn’t ugly, as they look quite cute really. 

Final Thoughts

In this article we have gone through the 9 pigeon based pokemon that you can currently find in the pokemon world.

Some look exactly like pigeons, while others have qualities or characteristics that we associate with pigeons.

All the pigeon based pokemon start off as timid and gentle creatures and all evolve to become powerful birds that you don’t want to mess with.

Pidove is truly the pokemon that looks the most like a pigeon out of all the pokemon we have listed. However all the pokemon mentioned either look or have traits that we associate with pigeons. 

There are so many birds in the pokemon universe, and most of them are inspired by something in this world that we can recognise.

We have gone through our pigeon based pokemon and also dipped our toe into what other beautiful and wonderful birds based pokemon are in this world. 

Do you think we have missed any pigeon based Pokemon from this list?