What Is A Group Of Pigeons Called?

Just like we have many terms for a group of humans such as a family, mob, pack, unit, bunch, and army, we have numerous terms to describe a group of pigeons.

That’s one of the most remarkable aspects of the English language and the animal kingdom. There are a variety of collective nouns that can be used to simply mean ‘group.’

A murder of crows is perhaps the most famous term for a group of a particular animal (two crows is an attempted murder).

Okay, now that bad joke is out of the way, let’s turn our attention to pigeons. 

As with other animals, we can choose from many collective nouns to describe a group of pigeons. And, in today’s blog, we are going to discover the list of these nouns.

You may be surprised by how many you know and how many you don’t. So, group some pigeons together and be prepared to call them the correct terms to show off to your friends and family.

Collective Nouns For A Group Of Pigeons 

As we mentioned, you can use several collective nouns that have been assigned to describe groups of pigeons.

Here are some of the most popular and commonly used:

  • A flock
  • A flight
  • A kit
  • A loft
  • A band
  • A passel
  • A plague
  • A dropping
  • A school 

As you can see, many of these terms make complete sense such as a flock or flight of pigeons.

However, you may not recognize some of these collective nouns. And, some just seem bizarre when describing a group of pigeons. 

Even researchers are bewildered as to where some of these terms originated. Some of these nouns make complete sense as they describe the actions of the birds.

“Look, there’s a flight of pigeons.” If they are flying overhead, this seems like the correct terminology.

Other terms are not so clear such as plague. But, as you delve into society’s view on pigeons, this tends to make more sense.

Over the years, pigeons have been viewed as pests or vermin. Some even call them “flying rats.” With pigeons typically considered as dirty nuisances, a plague of pigeons is perhaps quite apt for many. 

A dropping of pigeons could allude to the excrement the birds leave behind after they have grouped together or flown overhead (watch your shoulders).

A school seems to be linked to how pigeons are often seen flying as well as on the ground in sizable groups.

After all, a school is where many people group together for a period throughout each day.

We’re not sure if pigeons study math or science, however. Also, a school is used to describe a group of fish so this could be akin to something that is in plentiful numbers. 

It’s interesting to consider these different terms for a group of pigeons. Some may suit a group that is either flying or on the ground.

A flight of pigeons makes sense if they are flying overhead but not when they are on the ground. A loft of pigeons would be more apt if they are roosting in buildings or trees above you.

Whatever the situation the group of pigeons is in, you can use any of these collective nouns to point it out.

And, don’t stop there. All birds and animals have numerous terms to describe their groups. Take the dove for example.

This is the closest relative to the pigeon and, when in groups, they are known as either a bevy, a flight, a dole, a pitying, or piteousness of doves. 

When it comes to the most commonly used terms for a group of pigeons, you would use flight, flock, or kit.

But, be adventurous, and next time you see a group of pigeons fly nearby, shout out, “look, a passel of pigeons.” Not many will know what you mean but they will be impressed by your vocabulary.